22 2 / 2012

Thirty months ago I got married to my wonderful wife Lindsey. Thirty months ago we also moved from Atlanta to Colorado. Nine months ago we adopted our six year old golden retriever Cam. And seven months ago I became the Wordsmith and Social Media Strategist for Stickman Simple Marketing.

It’s safe to say over the past three years I’ve experienced a lot of “Hmm… That’s New” moments.

While I have enjoyed the newness of Colorado, marriage, and my ridiculously needy golden retriever, I have recently begun to hate the constant New of social media. It’s a never ending assembly line of new applications, content, and ideas. There is always something new to master, get to the bottom of, or experience “for free in this thirty-day trial.” It doesn’t stop.

In an attempt to save myself and my computer from the cost and destruction of tossing it out the window I’m throwing out a few suggestions to keep the New from getting Old in a hurry:

1) Keep it out of the Strategy. Before importing a new technique or platform into your social strategy test it out in safer waters. The quickest trip to computer tossage is to implement New as a part of your social strategy. 

2) Keep it in the family. We all have influencers we trust, that’s what makes them influencers. Don’t go all in on a product or a tip from a source you haven’t established a relationship with. If you’ve been reading Seth Godin’s blog for two years and he has proven his info is legit it’s probably safe to test the waters. If you go all in on Ivan’s info product you could end up peeling your keyboard off the asphalt.

3) Need it. If it isn’t a product or tip that will bring value to your social strategy, leave it alone. Don’t take time to test a new technique that might help you. If you can’t decide by the description if it will help or not, chances are it won’t.

Thanks for reading.